GOD has spoken to Evangelist Anthony Fryer on a constant basis for years about generations of Christian and Unbelievers who seems to be both living on earth with no differences; both living in disobedience towards God. For years I grow up in the church arena where no one was held accountable for their actions. Decades has past and no one has a change of heart! The consistent false hope still hits the church. However, we must ask ourselves this question... Are we really apart of the body of CHRIST? Are we planning to be CHRIST-LIKE or Are we just want to be CHURCHY? After hearing from the Lord on many occasions about His will for my own life and my purpose for the kingdom of God which is the services of an Evangelist. I want to interdict the truth of Gods Heart called the Great Mission of God for His people in this short END soon to come. God said

“My Son consistently live out my great mission I have given to you for MY Kingdom.” As I agreed with God to walk in His divine will and plans for my life I am extending the invitation to you to join with me on delivering the message and completing God’s Mission with our assignment from the LORD. Let’s come together and whole each other accountable


  • Teach by rightly dividing the truth of God’s Word
  • Speak to their issue
  • Direct them to their purpose
  • Speak life in their spirit
  • Give them true Hope
  • Encourage them until regain life
  • Preach the foundation of Jesus CHRIST to the unbelievers
  • Feed the Hunger
  • Clothe the naked
  • Pray for healing to the sick and Pray for mercy for the possessed and the oppressed
  • Visit the Prisoners and proclaiming God will set them free.
  • Create Disciples of Lord by teaching men and women the Great Mission for God’s Kingdom.